20th-Century Russian Art on Display in Moscow Metro

PHOTO by Anton Tushin / TASS
The Moscow Metro and the Tretyakov Gallery joined efforts to design a train featuring Russian 20th-century art

The train entered into service on Nov. 30 at 11:00 am, departing from the Krasnaya Presnya depot on the Moscow Metro’s ring line.

The underground train cars contain information about the evolution of Russian art in the 20th century as well as 78 reproductions of famous paintings that are kept in the Tretyakov Gallery. The train is part of the "Intensive XX" project, which focuses on 20th-century artists whose paintings are kept at the Tretyakov Gallery.

Also to be unveiled on Nov. 30 is the intensiv20.ru web portal, which includes short lectures and podcasts related to 20th-century Russian art. The third stage of the initiative is decorating the Park Kultury underground station in the project's theme.

Every two months, Intensive XX will showcase different aspects of 20th-century Russian art history ranging from the avant-garde to the 1980s.