5 Cool Coffee Drinks For Summer

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Experts talk about Nitro, Espresso Tonic, Cold Brew, Ice Latte, and coffee beers, then Afisha Daily reveals the perfect places to try them in Moscow


Where: Skuratov Coffee and Coffeemania

Price: starting at $4


Nadezhda Motylkova, head of Training at Coffeemania:

"Nitro, a popular coffee drink in Europe, Asia and the US, is now gaining traction in Russia. Its base is either cold coffee (Cold Brew, read below – Editor) or one brewed using an alternative method (Kemeks, AeroPress, etc.) To make it, the coffee is placed in an empty keg, mixed with nitrogen and poured into a glass. It may not sound enticingly romantic, but the result is worth giving a shot. We strove to achieve a mild flavour, an enveloping texture and a glossy, silky foam, resembling a well-poured stout. This versatile coffee drink will quench your thirst and is a great accompaniment to any meal."

Cold Brew

Where: “Chelovek i Parohod”

Price: starting at $3


Nikolai Chistyakov, roaster at Camera Obscura and co-owner of the coffee house “Chelovek i Parohod”:

"I wouldn’t really call Cold Brew our specialty. At its most basic, it’s tea or coffee with herbs, made using low or room temperature water. No one can say exactly when the drink appeared, but recently it’s been in vogue, striking a note with a younger audience. I was never lucky enough to come up with a decent Cold Brew. Not that I ever tried, to be honest. It would have upset me a great deal. So why the hype? Just because of nice bottles and labels? But, it must be said, the drink does have some good points.

Firstly, once it’s been brewed, it can be stored for a long time without affecting its quality. But you have to seal the jar tightly to prevent other aromas creeping in. Secondly - a fact that I really like - Cold Brew does not require extra use of electricity. It just needs to sit in a fridge while it’s cooling. So you can make a hundred litres of it and spend a ridiculously low amount of your environmental karma.

Obviously, brewed hot Cold Brew exhibits different properties. The higher temperature makes the coffee dissolve quicker. Sometimes we try to cap this rapid process so the coffee doesn’t spoil. Different temperatures also cause distinctly different chemical reactions. When brewed cold, sugar, for example, doesn’t dissolve (only above 50°C), that explains the watery taste, and bitterness of the drink.

We’re aiming to make a delicious coffee, brewed cold, with a balanced taste, which would combine the properties of both coffee and a ‘cold brew’, meaning the preparation takes place at least 12 hours before serving, at a temperature not exceeding 20°C. Last year we worked a lot with cascara. It’s a coffee berry peel, which is left over after processing. It’s often used as an organic fertilizer and sometimes dried and sold. Occasionally (but not always) this sweet and delicious substance can be brewed into a tea. It's really tasty. But the product is, unfortunately, quite scarce and hard to come by.

We decided to be a bit artful and mixed a traditional Cold Brew with cascara in specific proportions. The drink became fruitier and sweeter. At the same time we tried to preserve the coffee taste. It turned out to be sensational, so we put it on the menu for summer straight away. It is definitely still a coffee, but sweet, with a pleasant berry acidity."

Espresso Tonic

Where: Café Les

Price: starting at $3


Oleg Polo, co-owner of Les café:

"Espresso Tonic is literally a mix of espresso and tonic, one of few drinks that have become a classic even among black coffee aficionados. It comes across as being citric, spicy, bitter, sweet and refreshing, thanks to the interesting combination of quinine and coffee.

To make it, put lemon in a glass with ice, then pour a double espresso and regular tonic over it. This sparkling coffee lemonade, invented by the Swedish guys at Koppi (A Swedish coffee house), will be sold at Les for the third consecutive summer. This year we’re making it with "Ethiopia Guji" or "Kenya Mutaini" coffee. The bubbles are reinvigorating and help to deal with unbearable summer heat."

Ice Latte

Where: Double B

Price: starting at $3


Bogdan Prokopchuk, leading barista at Double B cafés:

"Ice Latte is one of the most popular cold coffee drinks across the globe. It’s a refreshing alternative to a hot coffee, cappuccino or latte. Pour sweetened cold milk into a tall glass with ice, and top it off with a single shot of freshly brewed espresso. Changing the variety of coffee produces striking synergies with unique and complex tastes, which cool the body and put a smile on your face. Not only is the drink delicious, but watching the milk smoothly interweaving with the espresso also has a hypnotic effect."

Coffee beer

Where: “Sosna i Lipa” bar

Price: starting at $3.5


Andrei Lipa, co-owner of “Sosna i Lipa” bar:

"Coffee mixed with beer has been an expected move from brewers who seem to brew beer using whatever comes to hand for them. Coffee is usually blended with dark beer: stout, porter or black IPA. Sometimes it is combined with a lager, which makes the whole experience somewhat bizarre.

There are two ways the beverage can be brewed. Coffee is added either during the brewing process or coffee beans are mixed into a ready-made beer. In this case the proportions are 100 litres of beer to 50 espresso shots. The only drawback is that often you can’t appreciate the quality of coffee, as you only sense the aroma and taste. But that's usually all you need!"

Author: Anna Maslovskaya