Beauty in the Air

PHOTO by topstewardess / Instagram
Moscow picks the prettiest stewardess in Russia

On Friday, Nov. 25, Moscow hosted the final of the “Top Most Beautiful Russian Stewardess” beauty pageant. Anna Gurina from NordStar Airlines was crowned as the winner of the contest, while Inga Kavun was recognized as the best in the business aviation category.

As many as 1,500 contestants expressed their desire to take part in the competition this year.

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NordStar stewardess Anna Gurina, a native of Krasnoyarsk, won the Civil Aviation nomination. Anna is an active Instagram user, who has uploaded a variety of photos from her extensive travels, fitness trainings and, of course, her favourite job.

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Inga Kavun from Volgograd was recognised as the best flight attendant in the Business Aviation category. She is also a fairly active on Instagram and posts photos of beautiful dresses, jewelry, her travels, family gatherings and her beloved cat.

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Aeroflot’s Alena Smorodina finished as the runner-up in the Civil Aviation category. Her Instagram page is mainly devoted to her work.

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Yulia Yamalova of Ural Airlines took third place. Views from the window, airport panoramas as well as photos from her travels, concerts and walks with friends are the topics she reveals on Instagram.

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This year’s Audience Award was granted to Yulia Osipova, a Yakutia Airlines employee. The crowd admired her oriental beauty and her creative performance in the national costume.

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