Bentley Releases Exclusive Cars for Russia

PHOTO by Bentley motors
Bentley Motors has announced the release of two new car series exclusively for the Russian market that are based on the Continental GT V8 model

The first series includes three Continental GT V8 S Silverfox Edition coupés and owes its name to the Silver Fox locomotive that once set the world’s speed record for passenger trains, reaching a then record-breaking speed of 182 kilometres per hour on the London-Edinburgh line in 1936.

The car features an exclusive two-tone exterior in the traditional Bentley colours, the metallic grey Hallmark and the black Onyx. The black interior and its contrasting touches of yellow sets the series apart, making it the first ever two-tone Bentley series to be produced exclusively for the Russian market.

The second series, the Continental GT V8 Magenta Edition, includes three coupés and one convertible designed primarily for women. The two-tone exterior comes in bright Magenta and Glacier White, and the design of the interior includes diamond upholstery and a luxury dashboard clock.

Both series were created in collaboration with Mulliner Design Studios exclusively for Bentley Russia. The vehicles will be available in Bentley stores in December 2016 in Moscow and St. Petersburg.