Russian Train Conductor Takes BlaBlaCar Client to Samara

PHOTO by AlexBrylov / Depositphotos
Sometimes in Russia, one man's car is another man's train...

A user of BlaBlaCar, a service for finding fellow travellers that lets people organise their own trips or join others, got a lift from the conductor of a diesel locomotive, who took him from Syzran to Samara, according to the news website News163.

According to Vladimir, the traveller and BlaBlaCar user, the fact that the conductor had made an appointment to meet at the railway station wasn’t a cause for concern.

When Vladimir arrived at their agreed-upon meeting place and called the driver to clarify the number and make of the car, he was told to "climb the bridge and go to the fourth track."

Vladimir admitted that he "didn't expect that he would be going by train instead of by car." However, a friendly train conductor greeted him on the platform and Vladimir was then travelling by locomotive for the next two and a half hours.

"He served me tea from a hot water bottle along the way,” Vladimir recounted. “I was the only passenger on that trip. The driver accepted 200 roubles ($3.45), the sum that was initially indicated on the website.”

BlaBlaCar launched in Russia in 2014.