Moscow’s Homeless People to Counter Terrorism

PHOTO by Stanislav Krasilnikov / TASS
Plans have been announced to involve Moscow’s homeless people in anti-terrorist efforts

Plans have been announced to involve Moscow’s homeless people in anti-terrorist efforts, Ilya Kuskov, head of the homeless support service “Helper and Protector,” informed online news resource

Kuskov suggested organising anti-terrorist lectures in emergency shelters as a possible starting point for the project.

“A similar initiative has recently been undertaken in Tyumen. We found this idea interesting,” Kuskov said. According to him, homeless people lead a lifestyle which makes them particularly apt at noticing suspicious people or things on a timely basis.

Tyumen’s Department for Social Development shared its experience of educating homeless people about terrorism prevention, reports. The homeless were shown the training film “Anti-terror: How to Prevent a Terrorist Attack”, which described how explosive devices look and what to do in case a suspicious item has been found. In addition, the film outlined some tell-tale signs of a forthcoming terrorist attack.

“The goal was to have the audience recognise that terrorism is a key problem of the 21st century and learn to combat terrorist activities. The organisation’s lawyer introduced key terms and concepts to the homeless,” members of the local administration of Tyumen said.

On June 20, 2016, reports came in about a 55-year-old homeless man that was arrested at Vnukovo Airport, Moscow. While standing on the second floor of Terminal A, the man told airport passengers and visitors that he had an explosive device on him.