Medvedev Personally Invited to Deep Purple Singer’s Concert

PHOTO by AlexGor / Depositphotos
Ian Gillan, lead singer of English rock band Deep Purple, has invited Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev to his concert on Nov. 15 at the Kremlin Palace

“Yes, of course, I’ve invited him, but he is a very busy man, so I’m not sure whether he’ll be able to come, but I called him, naturally,” Gillan said. “I would also like to see my friends, but time is very short: I need to check in at the hotel, meet with the journalists ... I’ll have a long day, so we’ll see.”

Gillan, accompanied by an orchestra, will perform Deep Purple hits and his own songs, such as “Day Late and A Dollar Short,” in the Kremlin.

Ian Gillan has been to Russia a number of times as a member of Deep Purple and other bands. “I have travelled from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok, been to Makhachkala and Armenia, to the former republics [of the USSR], been everywhere,” Gillan said.

In 2011, Medvedev, who at the time was President of Russia, met with members of Deep Purple. While talking to the musicians, Medvedev admitted to being a fan of the band for over 30 years.

Gillan, 71, has also been a member of such bands as Moonshiners, The Javelins, Wainwright's Gentlemen, Episode Six, the Ian Gillan Band and GILLAN.