Kvass: Making Drink from Rye Bread

PHOTO by DmZo / Depositphotos
How to turn a loaf of rye bread into a refreshing traditional Slavic drink with a truly unique taste

dry rye bread 400 g
sugar300 g
yeast12 g
water12 L
Preparation30 min (not including brewing)

Slightly fry the dry rye bread, break it into pieces and drop it into the water, which should have been previously boiled and cooled to 80 degrees Celsius (only seven litres of water are needed for this step). Let the mixture brew for one to one and a half hours in a warm place


The wort should then be extracted and the bread mixed with another five litres of hot water, and then let it brew for another one to one and a half hours


Mix both filtered infusions, sweetened with sugar and seasoned with yeast, and leave it to ferment for eight to 12 hours at 25 degrees Celsius


The brew should then be cooled, bottled, sealed and stored at a temperature not exceeding ten degrees Celsius. You can add mint, raisins, juniper and caraway to the brew according to your own preferences

This recipe originally appeared on the website "A Million Menus."