Lookalikes of World Famous Sights Found in Russia

PHOTO by vvvita / Depositphotos
Five Russian doppelgangers of world-famous attractions

Journalists of the TV channel Moya Planeta, which translates as “My Planet,” found five places in Russia that look almost exactly like world-renown sites. In particular, they compared the Klyuchevsksaya Sopka volcano in Kamchatka with Mount Fuji on the Japanese island of Honshu. "Both volcanoes are shaped like a regular cone and are active," they explained.

The Crimean Peninsula’s Koyashskoye Lake’s remarkable pink-coloured water is a phenomenon also found in Spain, Canada and Australia.

Picturesque white cliffs near the French town of Étretat have a counterpart at Cape Tarkhankut in Crimea. The Aurora Borealis, which is usually seen in Norway and Iceland, can be seen on the Kola Peninsula in the far north while Lake Yarovoye in the Altai region has similar properties to the Dead Sea in Israel.