Moscow’s Avant-Garde Architecture Collated on One Map

PHOTO by Baklažanas
The Lithuanian design studio Baklažanas have created a map listing the pre-eminent Constructivist architectural sites located around Russia’s capital city

The initiative aims to draw public attention to issues surrounding the preservation of Constructivist heritage, reports RIA Novosti, quoting the Baklažanas press release.

The map has been drawn in the style of large-scale 1920s propaganda posters. The stylised medallions in the corners of the map feature then-popular motifs associated with Russia’s rapid economic development and symbolising electrification, industrialisation, agriculture and aviation. The map, titled New Moscow, shows 180 architectural sites, including world-famous Constructivist landmarks as well as lesser-known buildings and residential blocks scattered across Moscow.

Newmoscowmap 1

The creators of the map hope that their work will alert the public to the precarious situation of Constructivist buildings in Moscow, which are being destroyed at an alarming rate.

Most of the Constructivist heritage in Moscow dates back to the 1920s and early 1930s. The best examples of Soviet Constructivist architecture were created by the Vesnin brothers, Boris Iofan, Moisei Ginzburg, Alexander Gegello and Konstantin Melnikov.