Moscow Circus to Help Build World’s Largest Circus in China

PHOTO by Sergey Savostianov / TASS
The Grand Moscow Circus will become a partner in the construction of the world’s largest circus in China

An initial investment will be about 100 million Yuan ($14.5 million), according to RNS, who spoke with Edgard Zapashny, director of the Grand Moscow Circus, behind the scenes at the Fifth International Cultural Forum in St. Petersburg. The new circus will open either in 2017 or in 2018.

“We have already signed a framework agreement on the construction of the world’s largest stationary circus in the city of Zhangjiajie, which will have 10,000 seats,” Zapashny said. “The Chinese investor is ready to invest if it is guaranteed that one of the world’s leading circus companies will work with the circus.

The Chinese side is interested in seeing the Grand Moscow Circus in this role. That’s why the new circus will be built in the Russian style. The main entrance will resemble St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow: domed with the tricolour, because the Russian circus is very popular in China,” Zapashny said.

The agreement with Zhangjiajie Dacheng Shanshui Hotel was signed on Dec. 2. The Chinese investor’s initial investment was 100 million Yuan.

“This figure will continue to grow in the future because of the necessary technical equipment and additional space. This project is not only about building a circus, but rather a whole circus complex,” said Zapashny.

According to him, the Russian partner will provide the artistic investment.

“We are to make artistic investments, to deliver a creative product in which we have invested heavily. Today, we already have four finished shows. We will need to adapt them, but this is a matter for the next year or maybe the year after,” Zapashny concluded.

The project includes a 43,000-square-metre circus and several hotels. Its cost is estimated at 800 million Yuan ($116.2 million). As reported by China Daily, Zhangjiajie Dacheng Shanshui Hotel intends to invest another 1.2 billion Yuan ($174.3 million) in the creation of a Russian-style entertainment park.

There is a national park in Zhangjiajie that was the prototype for the landscape on the planet Pandora in “Avatar.” After the film’s release, the number of tourists in Zhangjiajie increased dramatically.