Moscow’s Five Most Romantic Spots

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Professing one’s love, asking for one’s hand in marriage, hanging a love padlock and making a wish at a centuries-old oak: Rambler.Travel reveals the five most romantic places in the capital

The Botanical Garden

Europe's largest botanical garden bears the name of legendary Soviet botanist Nikolay Tsitsin. The park, founded in 1945, has more than 17,000 plants and flowers. It is divided into several areas, allowing for visitors to stroll through a wild forest, walk down protected oak lanes, meander through a cozy garden or make their way among rows of flowers.


The park has many nooks and crannies where lovers can spend time uninterrupted. Do not forget to bring nuts: squirrels that are so tame that they regularly feed out of human hands inhabit the botanical garden. At the end of your walk, hang a lock by the pond as a reminder of eternal love.

The garden is a medley of landscapes. Among the expositions are the natural flora of Russia, plants from the former Soviet republics, tropical and subtropical plants, and an arboretum.


Luzhkov Bridge

Lovers will find the Luzhkov Bridge, with metal trees where people can show their feelings with a lock, minutes away from Bolotnaya Square. Luzhkov Bridge is called the “kissing bridge” and newlyweds take memorable pictures here.


There’s also a place for people whose relationship is strained — the “reconciliation bench.” Its semicircular shape makes it impossible to sit far away from one another. Couples will have no choice but to kiss and make up.


Kolomenskoye Park

The former royal estate is one of the most popular destinations in Moscow for a romantic stroll.

The history of the Alley of Love, a symbol of Kolomenskoye, goes centuries back. In the 17th century, lovers would have dates here under a mighty ancient oak. It is believed that a wish made by the tree comes true sooner or later.


The alley boasts a decorative heart, a favoured photo spot. In an official wedding ceremony, couples exchange solemn oaths next to a picturesque ornamental pond.


The Hermitage Garden

A monument to love was erected in the Hermitage Garden in 2006 on Valentine's Day.

‘Heart of Love’ is made from steel pipes with silver bells in the middle, which start singing when the wind blows. Its prototype is Romeo’s drawing, found in Juliet's house in Verona. The monument has become an embodiment of love and romance for Muscovites.


Sparrow Hills

The Sparrow Hills viewing platform offers one of the best panoramas of Moscow. Even without binoculars you can discern the domes of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, Ostankino Tower, the Shukhov TV tower, the dome of the Luzhniki sports complex and Moscow City. The observation platform came to be at the same time they were building the Moscow State University building in 1953.

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Sparrow Hills is one of the most romantic places in the capital. Even harsh weather cannot scare away wedding processions and lovers.