Russia’s New Amphibious Ship to Outperform French ‘Mistral’

PHOTO by Igor Zarembo / RIA Novosti
New Russian assault ship “Priboi” (“Surf”) will be better than French analogue in multiple categories

"Priboi" and "Mistral" are the ships of different classes. Nevertheless, ‘Priboi’ surpasses ‘Mistral’ with a number of innovative solutions,” Krylov State Research Centre representative said, who is engaged in shipbuilding research.

The statement was made on the eve of International Naval Salon IMDS-2017, which opens on June 28 in St. Petersburg, RNS reported. The Russian warship will be equipped with a nose ramp, which allows for ground landing. “’Mistral’ has a docking camera only, so the ground landing can be carried out at certain depth and only at sea,” centre representative said.

He also noted that tactical and technical requirements for a new prospective carrier have already been formulated by the Russian Navy. The project was included in the new perspective Navy program.

According to Krylov Centre data, the ship’s displacement is about 23,000 tons, its length is 200 metres, and the draft – 7,5 metres. A ship's crew is 400 people, but it can accommodate additional 500 to 900 marines, 50 infantry fighting vehicles and 10 tanks. A service life of the machine is 50 years.

“Priboi” can also accommodate 12 helicopters for various purposes, six amphibious boats with a carrying capacity of at least 45 tons and six assault boats. It will be equipped with four combat modules of anti-aircraft missile artillery complex and a universal 76 mm artillery unit. In addition, an innovative general detection radar, a navigation complex, a REB subsystem, an integrated communications complex and a submarine detection station will be installed on the ship.

This carrier is designed to receive, transport and disembark troops and equipment on the coast during maritime assault operations, provide maritime transport, set up defensive mine and network obstacles and sonar buoys for underwater surveillance systems.

Last month, Deputy Defence Minister Yury Borisov said that the Russian Defence Ministry has included the construction of a helicopter carrier (French Mistrals analogue) in the government arms programme until 2025. According to him, such vessels can start their service by 2022.

In 2011, Russia and France inked an agreement on the construction of two Mistral-type helicopter carriers for the Russian Navy. A first ship was to be transferred to Moscow in 2014, but in 2015, amid deteriorating relations with the West and introduction of anti-Russian sanctions, Paris refused to transfer both ships. Later, helicopter carriers were bought by Egypt, and Paris have returned € 1 billion to the Russian side.