Official Recipe of ‘St. Petersburg Coffee’ Revealed

PHOTO by Pixabay
A trademark recipe for a local coffee drink was elaborated and approved in Russia’s St. Petersburg

The recipe was created by experts from St. Petersburg Museum of Coffee following the order from External Relations Committee. Recipe creators relied on historical materials as they invented this special drink that would represent a spirit of the Northern Capital.

"There are many notable examples when modern chefs come up with new dishes based on historical recipes. A famous St. Petersburg delicacy ‘sterlet in champagne’ was born that way. As of today, this coffee drink will be added to the list," Deputy Head of the Committee Sergey Markov said.

The recipe was recreated in a framework of reviving local gastronomic traditions, which has been implemented since 2015.

St. Petersburg Coffee

Serves 1

freshly roasted arabica coffee18 g
hot water80 ml
milk foam1-2 tbsp
Preparation10 minutes

Prepare a double espesso


Add hot water and milk foam whipped with a cappuccino maker

This coffee is not bold, but has an intense and vivid taste. In the near future, this coffee will be offered to guests at the official receptions and dinners in St. Petersburg and in local coffee houses as well.

A historic version of this drink appeared in Russia in the beginning of the 18th century. It was Peter the Great who highly appreciated this recipe in Holland and then shared it in Russia.