Russian 'Puss in Boots' Making His Way to Lake Baikal

PHOTO by graf_andreevich / Instagram
Graf, the cat that conquered Mount Elbrus in the Caucasus Mountains, along with the hearts of Russians throughout the country, is now travelling to Lake Baikal through Buryatia

Andrey Ostanin, a Russian traveller, tours the country with Graf and documents their adventures via Instagram. They climbed Mount Elbrus last October, a trip for which they trained for half a year. While Andrey went on daily runs through the streets of Nizhny Tagil, Graf strolled along in the nearby woods.

On their way, the couple took lots of photos of landmarks, road signs and, of course, themselves.

According to the latest reports, Ostanin and Graf are on their way to Lake Baikal. “Graf and I are driving to Baikal, where we plan on cycling around Olkhon Island,” Ostanin told TASS. He added that Graf is now outfitted with warm socks, a jacket, a t-shirt and boots, and the furry adventurer even has a special insulated carry bag.