Tourists in Texas Can Drive Soviet Tank

Texas-based company DriveTanks offers customers the chance to drive tanks from the Second World War, including the Soviet T-34, and fire their weapons

Prices for the company’s services reach up to several thousand dollars, CNN reported.

The tanks are offered at Ox Ranch, which spans over 18,000 acres in the southwest part of Texas.

An instructor assists drivers, who do not need a driver’s license. Besides operating the tanks, customers can fire their cannons, machine guns and flamethrowers.

The most expensive of the tanks available is the Sherman, the US Army’s main tank during the Second World War. Taking a Sherman out for a spin costs $1,850 and $2,800 if you want to fire its 76-mm cannon and machine guns.

The second most expensive tank is the Soviet T-34, which costs $1,750 and $2,700 for shooting. As noted by the CNN correspondent who tested the tanks, DriveTanks customers can easily spend more than $8,000 at a time.

In addition, the firm invites customers to operate a Russian BMP-1, a German Leopard tank and other combat vehicles.