Shchi: Soup That Helps Survive the Long Russian Winter

PHOTO by vla-u / Depositphotos
Learn to cook one of the oldest Russian soups

In the 9th century, when Russian farmers first learned how to grow cabbage, they started to use the vegetable in an easy-to-cook soup originally called "sti."

Since then, the aroma of shchi, which quickly became the staple food of the country, has never left Russian buildings.

Shchi can be cooked with or without meat – there are plenty of variations and options. Here's the "basic" recipe for shchi – try it out and improvise!

Shchi with fresh cabbage

meat500 g
cabbage500 g
root vegetables100 g
carrots200 g
vegetable oil
saltto taste
black pepperto taste
bay leaf1

Boil the meat for one and a half to two hours in order to make the broth. Roast the root vegetables and onions while the broth is cooking


Remove the meat, strain the broth into a soup pot and add the roasted root vegetables and onions


Add the meat, add chopped cabbage and cook for 30 to 40 minutes


Five to ten minutes before the soup is ready, add pepper, bay leaf and salt

A tip: try adding potatoes and fresh tomatoes to this recipe. Just peel and slice the potatoes and put them in a soup pot ten to 15 minutes after you put the cabbage in. Add sliced tomatoes at the end of cooking along with the spices.

Also, fried flour can be used instead of potatoes.