Spoons of Victory: Russia Unveils Its National Musical Instrument for Fans

PHOTO by v-spoon / Vkontakte
Russian fans will soon have a new national musical instrument to support their teams

Znak.com news website talked to the inventor of the unusual instrument, an attorney from Elekrostal, Moscow Region, Rustam Nugmanov.

The inventor said the idea to create a national musical instrument for sports fans came to him in 2010, when Russia officially submitted its bid to host the Football World Cup 2018.

“Every World Cup host country had its own national fan accessory: South Africa had vuvuzelas, the United States had gloves, South Korea had thundersticks and Brazil had caxirolas. But there wasn’t anything in Russia that could be used as a national musical instrument for a sports fan, which properly reflects the country’s rich culture,” Nugmanov believes.

Russia spoons of victory

The attorney worked on his “Spoons of Victory” for several years. He began his first analysis of Russian musical instruments back in 2011. During this time the inventor tried to find the perfect instrument which would satisfy several key parameters.

“Firstly, we excluded all wind instruments due to overwhelming criticism which the South African vuvuzela attracted. Then we dropped any large or complex instruments – the balalaika, garmon (harmonica), along with string instruments, like the gusli, gudok, cimbalom and others,” he recalls.

His thorough research led Nugmanov to create the spoons, which come equipped with a V-shaped holder.

Russia spoons of victory1

“This instrument is a symbol of success, as it is shaped like a V for victory,” he says.

Nugmanov has received a one million Rouble ($17,000) grant from Russian President Vladimir Putin to help bring his idea to life. “Am I surprised by Putin’s approval? Well, to be honest, I actually hadn’t even hoped for it,” admitted the grant winner.

Nugmanov noted that the project’s contract has a clause dictating that it has to be realised by October 1, 2017, but he hopes to launch production of the Victory Spoons earlier.