Modest but Tasteful

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Ten cheapest lodging options in Russia by Airbnb

Five hundred seventy one roubles, or just $10.1 – that’s the nightly cost of the cheapest Russian housing on Airbnb.

And conditions correspond to the price – you'll be offered either a tent in the woods of Balashikha, or a comfy yurt in a Bashkir village. At the same time, there are some quite decent options in the top ten low-cost proposals. tells where you can stay for less than $30 per night in Russia.

Guest house in Moscow suburbs for 1,416 roubles ($25) per day

Flat 1

The house stands near the Vashutinsky forest, five kilometres from Sheremetyevo airport. It is equipped with a bath-and-spa complex, a playground and a BBQ area.

A flat in Berdsk for 680 roubles ($12) per day

Flat 2

Berdsk is the second most populated city in the Novosibirsk region. For 680 roubles, you can rent a small studio with a sofa, a bar and wireless internet.

A village house for 680 roubles ($12)

Flat 3

This house looks like it has just came out from a Russian folk tale. This classical "izba" is located in Kalnibolotskaya village of the Krasnodar region. You can stop here even free of charge – in exchange, you’ll need to help babushkas with some housework (again, just like in a folk tale).

House in North Karelia for 680 roubles ($12)

Flat 4

Karelian village of Shalsky stands on the shores of Lake Onega and Vodla River. The house owners guarantee unforgettable fishing. In addition, you can harvest some mushrooms or berries in a wild. During the summer, guests are promised to be treated with vegetables and fruits from their own garden and homegrown eggs.

Hut in the Tver region forest for 680 roubles ($12)

Flat 5

In the winter, guests of this remote hut on a forest lake shore will be provided with firewood, food and water supplies. The owners recommend to leave cellphones in the car (you can only reach this hut by foot) and enjoy complete unity with nature.

A small house on the shore of Lake Baikal for 632 roubles ($11.2) per day

Flat 6

You can take a steam bath or sit by the fire with a view of Lake Baikal and mountains in the Irkutsk village of Khuzhir. The beach is less than a kilometre away.

"Artist’s Retreat" for 632 roubles ($11.2) per day

Flat 7

This house in the village of Kordovo, Krasnoyarsk Territory, stands on the forest edge. There is a bathhouse and Kizir mountain river close by.

Seaside wooden ecomodules for 623 roubles ($11) per day

Flat 8

These cute little blocks can be found in Anapa, a resort city in the south of Russia, near the "Nut Grove" park and pebble beach. Everything is available for a comfortable stay – a fridge, a TV, a bathroom with a shower and even a kitchenette.

Yurt in the village of Idrisovo (Bashkiria) for 571 roubles ($10.1) per day

Flat 9

The owner of this mini-camp site believes that accommodation is great for a family holiday. Travellers are offered to get a glimpse of everyday life of the Bashkir people and take part in creative master classes. One yurt accommodates up to five guests.

Tent in the forest for 571 roubles ($10.1) per day

Flat 10

You can sleepover under the stars near the intersection of Shchelkovo and Balashikha Highway in Balashikha, Moscow Region. Tent for two and the air mattress. Those who rent a tent for a month get a 65% discount.