Cold and Beautiful: The Best Snow Maidens of Instagram

PHOTO by Sergo221972 / Depositphotos
The Snow Maiden, or Shegurochka, is one of the most important and beloved characters of the New Year holiday period in Russia

We present a selection of beautiful and funny recreations of the famed beauty.

Snow Beauty

The traditional Snow Maiden possesses a cold beauty, according to the Russian folklore. She has porcelain skin, light eyes, blond hair and wears a blue coat trimmed with white fur and a white fur hat.

Depending on the region, folk tales tell the fate of the Snow Maiden differently. In one version, the girl jumps over a fire during a summer festival honoring the god Jarilo and melts. In another, envious women kill the Snow Maiden. A shepherd makes a pipe out of the bush that grows in the place where the girl is buried and when one of women breaks the pipe, the beauty is reborn.

The life of the modern Snow Maiden is easy and pleasant. Her main task is to please children and accompany Father Frost, Russia’s equivalent of Santa Claus and, according to folklore, her grandfather. Until the last century, the Snow Maiden was a character from a fairy tale separate from that of Father Frost. However, she first joined Father Frost in a production for kids in 1937. The couple has been inseparable ever since.

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However, despite her chilliness, many think of her as very hot and she shows her true beauty in provocative dresses.

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Number One Snow Maiden in Russia

The Kostroma Snow Maiden is known just as well throughout the country as Veliky Ustyug’s Father Frost. The two live separately but they always reunite for the holidays.

The Snow Maiden has had her own official residence since 2008. She chose to be a resident of the city Kostroma not by chance but because it's both where Alexander Ostrovsky wrote his famous play “The Snow Maiden” and the city was the location for a film about the mythical beauty.

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The modern Snow Maiden doesn't jump over any fires because she simply doesn't have the time for this due to permanent tours in both winter and summer. She also needs to manage her own Instagram account, but this, like all things she does, comes naturally.

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