Vive la Moscou!

PHOTO by Mikhail Dzhaparidze / TASS
French Bulldogs and frog legs are on offer at the Flacon Design Factory this weekend

If you love wine, Paris, the Cote d’Azur and everything French, then make sure you head to the Flacon Design Factory on July 9 for the opening day of the French Culture Festival.

France's ambassador in Moscow, Jean-Maurice Riper, will be attending the event for the first time in the festival’s history, joining guests as they walk through an improvised French quarter.

The French bulldog parade is sure to be the most memorable event of the weekend, with fifty dogs – and their owners – taking part. Everyone is welcome to play with the dogs after the parade or take a selfie for an added cute factor.

Food lovers will definitely appreciate the variety of French dishes offered at the festival: from frog legs to escargots, foie gras to cheese. Hungry visitors even sink their teeth into some real cheese lore, learning how Camembert is made and just what makes it so different from Brie.

If you have a sweet tooth meanwhile, a special section of the festival is dedicated to delicious French breads, cakes and pastries and truffles.

It is hard to imagine a French festival without a selection of good wines, and sparkling wine-tasting will also be taking place courtesy of Champagne Malard and Spirits Club. While the grown-ups taste wines and learn the secrets of cheese-making, children can play a selection of games, and even learn some new French phrases.

If you have always dreamt of a holiday in Nice, bring your swimsuit. One section of the Flacon Design Factory will be transformed into the famous resort, letting you swim in the pool, sunbathe, and pretend that you are vacationing on Cote d’Azur instead of just spending a weekend in Moscow.

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Moscow’s France Day is scheduled each year to mark the Bastille Day, the French national holiday celebrated on July 14. As year the holiday falls on a weekday this year, festival organizers have decided to start their celebrations early. Entrance to the French Culture Festival is free, with activities starting at 12 p.m.

Author: Margarita Hairullina, Daria Filatova