Moscow's Zaryadye Park to Get 'Floating' Bridge

A "floating" suspension bridge is under construction in Moscow's new Zaryadye Park

The construction is scheduled for completion this spring, according to Galina Gordushina, director of design of civil objects at Mosinzhproekt.

Zaryadye Park is being built on the site of the Rossiya Hotel, which was demolished in 2006. It will be a theme park featuring Russia’s four climactic zones: the tundra, the steppe, forests and meadows. The park’s designers will create artificial microclimates in different parts of the park with the help of modern technology.

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“The park landscape is now fully formed, all underground monolithic works have been completed, the underground car park has been finished and birch, spruce and pine trees have been planted,” according to Andrey Bochkarev, head of Moscow’s Department of Construction.

However, not all park facilities have been completed. Construction on the pier and the suspension bridge is still underway, with a temporary structures having already been built while reinforcement works and concrete pouring have started.

“The façade and structural coating process is underway on the facilities with underground parts; the glazing of the facades has begun, including on the philharmonic concert hall,” Bochkarev explained. “The park will open this year.”