ABBA Songs to Play in Moscow Metro During New Year’s Holidays

PHOTO by Wikicommons

ABBA songs, as well as scores from comedies, will be played in the Moscow metro during the upcoming holidays, according to the City Hall’s official website. The programme has been launched by the metro radio station Rioma-M.

The broadcast will feature interesting New Year’s facts and holiday poetry, as well as Russian and foreign songs, including music from Soviet and French comedy films.

“The Moscow metro radio will play music from the renowned French comedy The Toy (Le jouet) starring Pierre Richard, Glenn Miller’s In The Mood, the lively theme from the Benny Hill Show (Yakety Sax), as well as Little Man performed by Cher and Sonny Bono for the very first time,” the statement notes. The selection will also consist of songs from beloved Russian movies and classical scores.

The New Year’s radio programme will be broadcast at metro ticket offices, entrances and escalators until Jan. 8.