Russia’s Abrau-Durso Hoping to Sell Wine in UK’s Asda Supermarkets

PHOTO by Valery Matytsin / TASS

Russian wine producer Abrau-Durso is planning to continue negotiations to sell wine through the United Kingdom’s Asda supermarket chain after finding a distributor in the UK, according to Pavel Titov, president of Abrau-Durso, in an interview with RNS.

Titov noted that the UK is the second most important market for the company following Germany. Abrau-Durso started shipping wine to Germany last year.

“We believe in the UK, and we will look arduously for a partner there,” Titov said, emphasising plans to find one this year. “We’re participating in the London Wine Fair in May, so something should take place there.”

Export shipments constitute a little over 1% of the total sales of Abrau-Durso at the moment. The company expects to boost this figure to 20 to 30%. “We realise we’re a long way from this figure,” Titov said. “If exports are 10% of our sales by 2020, I will consider it a victory.”

This year, Abrau-Durso plans on almost doubling the volume of shipments to Germany from 300,000 to 500,000 bottles annually.

“The goal is to reach a volume of several million bottles a year,” Titov added.