Aeroflot Recognised as Most Influential Brand in World Aviation

PHOTO by Senohrabek / Depositphotos

Its brand strength was calculated by analysing more than 30 parameters.

Aeroflot has the most influential aviation brand in the world, according to the airline’s press service, which cited valuation consultancy Brand Finance.

The factors taken into account include the company’s marketing and the international influence of the brand. The airline’s stability and growth potential are also assessed.

"The methodology of calculating the brand strength index is based on the analysis of about 30 factors,” the Aeroflot press service explained. “They include both objective parameters, like fleet size, its average age, security data, staff, investment, financial and operational performance, customer loyalty and an assessment of key industry rankings – SkyTrax, IATA, Bloomberg and OE.”

This is the first time that Brand Finance rated airline brands.