Multi-Billion Rouble Amusement Park to Be Built at Moscow's VDNKh

PHOTO by BrunoWeltmann / Depositphotos

A thematic, year-round amusement park is planned for VDNKh, Afisha.Daily reported.

Andrei Boltenko and Georgy Tsypin, the director and art director of the opening ceremony of the Olympic games in Sochi, developed the concept for the future park while Kleinewelt Architekten will be responsible for its architectural design.

The park will be located in the southern part of the exhibition complex and it will cover more than 173,000 square metres. New pavilions will be built and existing ones restored to accommodate some of the proposed entertainment facilities. Existing attractions in the park will be preserved and will also become a part of the future park.

Moscow’s city government is planning to finance the amusement park’s construction and the mayor's office will choose a company to build the park after the tender process. The expected contract is valued at 11.4 billion roubles ($196 million). According to VDNKh, the park will bring in more than two billion roubles per year for the city and the park will be fully paid off in ten years.