Anti-Domestic Abuse App Launched in Russia

PHOTO by Depositphotos

An app that hopes to bring an end to domestic abuse has been launched in Russia. Given the name “” (a play on words in Russian meaning ‘Say no to violence’), it aims to help women who are existing or potential victims of domestic abuse, according to the app founder Anna Rivina, who announced its launch on her Facebook page.

The app contains a list of all Russian support centres and provides users directions to the nearest one to them. It also has an SOS button, which sends a distress message to the users’ friends and family.

In order for this function to work, users must create a list of trusted contacts and customize their distress message, which is then sent along with geo-location data of the user who presses the SOS button.

Anti abuse app russia logo

A similar service was launched in 2014 by Vodafone in Turkey, Rivina notes. The app, which is called “Between Us,” allows users to send an SOS message without alerting the aggressor. A simple shake of the phone is enough to notify the potential victims’ close ones.

Rivina explains, that while the app was developed with victims of domestic abuse in mind, it can be used by anyone who finds themselves in a dangerous situation, “be it a taxi ride or an unavoidable walk through a dark alley.”