Average Cost of Staying at a Moscow Hotel on New Year's Eve Revealed

PHOTO by Sergey Karpov / TASS

Vacationing in the capital on New Year's Eve will cost visitors an average of $60 per night, reported TASS on Dec. 12, quoting a statement made by the Deputy Head of National Policy and Interregional Relations Department of Moscow City Hall Konstantin Goryainov.

“There are different packages, but I believe that vacationing on New Year's Eve will cost $60 per night on average. There are hotels, where prices are cheaper, but they are not centrally located. I think that even for $33- $40 per night, you could spend your New Year's holidays well in the capital,” said Goryainov.

The “Christmas Journey” Festival will take place in Moscow from Dec. 16 to Jan. 15 with more than 12 million people expected to visit.

Earlier, it was reported that Moscow had become more popular among tourists over the last few years. According to the City Hall, during the holidays last year, Russia's capital became the second-most visited city in Europe and the fifth-most visited in the world. In 2018, according to the City Hall’s forecast, the number of tourists will reach 20 million people.