AvtoVaz Presents Telematics Vehicle Control Platform

PHOTO by Lada.ru

At the Moscow International Automobile Salon (MIAS) Russian automotive manufacturer AvtoVaz unveiled the new telematics platform Lada Connect that allows drivers to control vehicle systems via their smartphone.

Similar systems are currently available, but only for premium class vehicles. The first Lada Vesta and Lada XRAY models with this feature are expected to hit the market in early 2017. Other models will include this telematics system in 2017 and 2018.

Lada Connect links the driver’s car, gadgets, information, entertainment and navigation systems on a single multimedia platform, utilizing a cryptographically secure connection through mobile networks. The system contains protection against incorrect signals and prevents their transmission while the car is in motion.

Lada Connect will allow drivers to remotely lock and unlock their vehicle, start and stop the engine, open the trunk, check door and trunk statuses (opened or closed), control headlights and sound the horn (for example, while searching for one’s car in a large parking lot), locate one’s car on the map, receive notifications if the car is being towed or is damaged, block the engine from starting and file a police report in the case of a theft, automatically turn on the AC or heating in the passenger compartment with remote startup, start and stop the engine with a timer or based on a change in ambient temperature, receive vehicle status reports, schedule appointments when maintenance is required as wells as remotely run diagnostic tests.

Lada connect

This system also provides driving analysis and daily reports associated with other functions of the vehicle. This will allow users to monitor their performance and make adjustments to their driving style in order to become safer, more efficient drivers. Moreover, this data will serve as proof of eligibility for drivers who are looking to pay lower car insurance premiums based on their driving style.

Lada Connect is suitable for both private car owners and corporate fleets. It is essentially a ready-made fleet management system which can be utilized by small and medium-size businesses. It can be easily integrated with corporate systems via API and offers many useful features for car sharing and other automotive services, according to a company spokesperson.

As Lada Connect becomes even more widespread, it may be integrated with other navigation and infotainment services, such as those provided by Yandex.