Russia’s Azbuka Vkusa Launches Fingerprint Payment System

PHOTO by Anton Novoderezhkin / TASS

Azbuka Vkusa, a Russian supermarket chain, has begun testing a fingerprint payment system, said Vladimir Sadovin, the supermarket’s CEO, to Russian newspaper Kommersant. Moscow’s Nakhimovsky Prospect store will be the first location to try the system out.

To use the service, a customer has to register at the cash register by linking two fingerprints to their Visa or MasterCard. Subsequently, scanning a finger at a biometric POS-terminal allows customers the ability to shop seamlessly. This way, a PIN code becomes unnecessary.

The system is supported by Sberbank, but Azbuka Vkusa promises that cards issued by other banks can also be registered.

Other retailers, according to Kommersant, have been skeptical about implementing similar technology as it remains highly unpopular among their customers.