Moscow to Open Museums Dedicated to Bees, Forest, Moscow River

PHOTO by  Iliya Pitalev, Vladimir Sergeev / RIA Novosti

Moscow will open three new museums this year as part of the Year of the Environment: the Museum of Bees, the Forest Museum and the Museum of the Moscow River, according to the website of the Mayor of Moscow, which quoted Anton Kulbachevsky, head of the city’s Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection.

“Both the Forest Museum and the Museum of the Moscow River are scheduled to open by Sept. 1,” Kulbachevsky said. “The latter will be located on the ‘Ecolog’ ship that is sailing along the Moscow River until November. The museum will reopen for the beginning of the navigation season in April or May 2018.”

During the warmer months of the year, the museum will move along the river, making stops in the Central, South, Southeast, North and Northwest districts. In winter, the ship will be moored at Serebryany Bor.

The Museum of Bees is expected to open in the Beekeeping pavilion at VDNKh this summer. It will have a large hive made of glass where beekeepers will put a family of bees.

“We want to show the life of a beehive behind the glass with all its processes, from the birth of bees to honey production,” Kulbachevsky said. “Usually, it is all hidden from human eyes.”

The Forest Museum will be located in Losiny Ostrov National Park. Russian fairy-tale characters will teach visitors about forest protection.