Best Item in Russian History: Samovar-Rooster

PHOTO by Arzamas

A vote conducted by the Arzamas historic portal and the Historical State Museum showed that Russians recognised a samovar (a traditional Russian self-boiler) with features of a rooster’s head, legs and tail as the best item in the country’s history.

Almost 14,000 people took part in this vote choosing from different museum’s exhibits.

The samovar-rooster which was manufactured for the World Exhibition in Vienna in 1873 has prevailed in the voting process. The item received 4,870 votes or 36%. Its closest pursuer, Tashtyk funeral clay masks received a total of 2,655 votes (22%). The last place went to the oldest participant - a pendant resembling a head of a wood grouse (1548 votes, or 11%).

The winning item will be exhibited in the Polovtsy yard of the Historical State Museum from April 26 to May 26.

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