Travellers Choose Russia’s Best Trains

PHOTO by ortodoxfoto / Depositphotos

Russian travellers have chosen the best train in the country - a double-decker 045V/046V train, which runs between Voronezh and Moscow, according to a poll conducted by the tourist service.

The 045V/046V train topped the rating of ten positions, based on more than 25,000 reviews from railway passengers.

Tourists estimated the overall impression of the trip on a ten-point scale - the attitude of the staff, the condition and novelty of cars and restrooms, the presence of power sockets and air conditioning.

As a result, 045V/046V received 9.6 points. The second place was taken by 069V/070G – a double-decker train of the same type that also runs the same route. The train was rated at 9.57 points.

The famous Sapsan that travels between Moscow and St. Petersburg ended up taking a third place, rated at 9.54 points.