Business Model of the Day: Cat Rental

PHOTO by ukerbwr / Instagram

A novel business has launched in the Russian town of Kirov that offers locals the chance to rent a cat by the hour, helping them unwind and deal with stress, Interfax reported.

Three cats are currently available that have been “tested on volunteers and proven themselves to be outgoing and good-natured.” A cat cannot be rented for more than three hours so that the new environment does not stress out the animal. “The service has had a trial run since Jan. 25, and since then we’ve processed ten orders,” the service’s founder said. “Nine clients were satisfied but on one of the calls the cat accidentally scratched a child.”

The price of the service is flexible but it usually costs from 300 to 600 roubles ($5-$10) per hour.

Many people are concerned about getting a pet, the project’s founder explained. “They are turned off by the potential smell, fur on the floor and taking responsibility for the animal, especially if there are children at home.”

This service, on the other hand, allows people to see if owning a pet is right for them before committing to one.

The cats’ owner will conduct six more house calls before freezing the project temporarily as the cats can become weary and anxious. The businessman has plans on “expanding his staff with new cats.”