New Decree to Allow for Widespread Installation of Electric Car Chargers

PHOTO by Lyudmila Popova / RIA Novosti

Starting Nov. 1, owners of petrol stations across Russia will be able to outfit their facilities with chargers for electric cars thanks to a government decree from Aug. 27, 2015.

The decree noted that as of Nov. 1, 2016, chargers are to be on the list of required services provided by roadside facilities along federation, regional, intercity and local roads.

The decree mentioned that outfitting gas stations with such chargers would help develop clean-energy transportation in Russia.

Currently, Russia has 722 electric cars registered. However, there are only 60 charging stations across the country, with 30 of those located in Moscow. Meanwhile, within the first nine months of 2016, electric car sales in Russia dropped by almost 20%.