‘Cheese Renaissance’ in Full Swing in Moscow Region

PHOTO by Viktor Tolochko / RIA Novosti

A support programme for cheese producers will help the Moscow region, or Podmoskovye, become a leader in the import substitution of dairy products, according to a Facebook post by entrepreneur Oleg Sirota.

“One in every two to three cheese startups is opened in our region,” Sirota wrote. “These are mainly farmer’s dairies that will be the first to substitute imports and provide a wide variety of products. And then they’ll grow from small to big companies.”

The entrepreneur noted that over 40 small cheese dairies currently operate in the region.

“After a century-long break, Podmoskovye is currently going through a full-on cheese renaissance,” wrote Sirota. “Our objective of producing a tonne of cheese per day is coming ever closer to reality.”

Sirota emphasised that the support programme for small-scale cheese producers launched by the Moscow region’s government will help producers boost production levels, modernise facilities and increase the variety and quality of products.

Andrey Vorobyev, governor of the Moscow region, announced the launch of the regional programme on Jan. 31. The programme entails a 20% compensation for cheese makers’ expenses on construction, equipment purchases and the modernisation of cheese production facilities. Vorobyev emphasised that the Moscow region is one of the top three cheese-producing regions in Russia.