China, Belarus Russians’ Favourite Countries – Poll

PHOTO by ruskpp / Depositphotos

A survey by the independent pollster Levada Centre revealed that the majority of Russians are kindly disposed towards Belarus and China (79% and 78%). Only 13% of surveyed spoke negatively of both countries.

The poll’s results show that 52% of Russians are have negative attitude towards the United States. This indicator decreased compared to 2016, when 64% of respondents expressed such an opinion. Meanwhile, that figure was 73% in 2015. Thirty-seven percent of Russian citizens showed good attitude towards the United States (compared to 25% in 2016).

Thirty-six percent of Russians expressed benevolence towards the European Union (25% in 2015), while 53% spoke negatively (64% in 2015).

The survey was held from March 31 to April 3 among 1600 of respondents across 48 Russian regions.