China to Buy 100 Robot-Promoters From Russia


According to a Skolkovo press release, Keysi Microelectronics, a Chinese technology company, is planning to buy 100 robot-promoters from a Russian startup.

Promobot products are autonomous robots that are designed to work in place of large amounts of people.

Besides transmitting promotional information, these robots can answer human questions and help direct people to where they need to go.

According to the Chinese People’s Daily newspaper, the Chinese company purchased nine robots in 2016, for $10,000 each. Chinese and Russian companies are cooperating on the development of the robot’s Chinese language programs.

Promobot is a Perm-based company, based at the Skolkovo Innovation Centre.

According to the Promobot site, their robots are meant to attract clients, automate consultation, improve customer loyalty and avoid the risks associated with using human consultants.