Russia One of Top Instant Coffee Exporters to Germany

PHOTO by Subbotina / Depositphotos

Russia provided five percent of German imports of instant coffee this past autumn, surpassing the likes of Brazil, India and Switzerland on the list of the top ten instant coffee suppliers to the central European power, according to the press service of the Russian Export Centre, or REC.

"Russia is one of the top ten suppliers of instant coffee to Germany and is now ahead of Brazil, India and Switzerland, having ensured five percent of German instant coffee imports in autumn," REC wrote in a statement.

The press service noted that Russia started supplying coffee to Germany in August 2016. The coffee comes mainly from the Krasnodar and Leningrad regions.

REC emphasised that export volumes "are still small at only 100-150 tonnes per month; however, the fact is still impressive. Germany, like Russia and the United States, is one of the world's largest importers of instant coffee.”