Pedestrian Crossing for Gophers Appears in Russia’s Krasnoyarsk


Activists from “Prima” media group have designed and built a miniature pedestrian crossing for gophers on Tatyshev island of Krasnoyarsk region. Aside from a road marking drawing, activists constructed and installed a miniature traffic sign and a traffic light.

The tiny crossing is not a joke. “First of all, it's a reminder about our upcoming ‘Green’ festival. Second, gophers need to be treated very carefully. And lastly, don’t forget to follow human road markings on the island – not the ones drawn for gophers only,” the group’s message reads.

According to the latest data, the recreation park on the Tatyshev island is inhabited by about 5,000 gophers, as well as other representatives of the Russian wildlife, such as ducks. Due to their high population, gophers became the unofficial symbol of the park.