Cut Out From Reality: Graffiti in Russia’s Yekaterinburg ‘Deletes’ Old Car and Garage

PHOTO by Dmitry Chebanov /

Artists participating in the “Stenograffia” graffiti festival in Russia’s Yekaterinburg have painted an old “Moskvich” car and a garage standing in one of the city backyards.

The pattern consisting of black and white squares used by artists resembles transparent layers in the Adobe Photoshop graphics editor – this way, the items were “cut out” from reality.

The “deleted” Moskvich, mass-produced in the late USSR, was popular throughout Russia and abroad till the very end of the 90s. These retro cars, as well as “rakushka” (shell) garages which were gradually raized to the ground during the 2000s, can still be found in outskirts of some Russian cities, reminiscent of the outlived epoch.