Danny Boyle Calls Russian Director Tarkovsky 'God' of Filmmaking

PHOTO by Sergei Fadeichev / TASS

British director Danny Boyle called Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky a "God" among filmmakers, TASS reported.

"In Russia there is Tarkovsky; for us he's a God," said Boyle at a press conference in Moscow.

Boyle came to Russia to promote his new film “T2 Trainspotting,” the sequel to the cult film “Trainspotting.” It will be released on Mar. 8.

At a press conference the director also said that he isn't ready to change the content of his films for the sake of box office sales.

"If our goal was to make a high grossing film, then yes, we would have made it more corny, but I like working with a small budget," said Boyle.

According to him, he doesn’t like to film blockbusters but small, aggressive and adventurous films. The director also said that his films have a serious age rating, which narrows the audience, but he isn't ready to change something for the box office.