British Newspaper Invites Tourists to St.Petersburg, ‘Dazzling’ Cradle of Revolution

PHOTO by Samsonova Nadezhda / Get Russia

The Daily Mail, a British newspaper, has recommended that its readers visit St. Petersburg, the cradle of the 1917 revolution.

The Royal Academy of Arts in London is currently holding an exhibition called "Revolution: Russian Art 1917-1932." The Daily Mail recommended visiting the place "where it all started" to anyone inspired by the exposition.

According to the newspaper, "now it's the ideal time to visit the old imperial capital that gave birth to Bolshevism," especially since the city is overcrowded during the summer months but delightfully empty during the "white days" of winter.

"When the sunlight plays on marble facades and golden domes, St. Petersburg dazzles with pink and gold," the publication wrote.