Demand for Railway Tours in Russia Increases Ten-Fold in Five Years

PHOTO by ksvetlaya / Depositphotos

About 240,000 tourists booked railway tours in 2016, almost ten times more than in 2011, the press service of Russian Railway Tours reported.

The company predicts that the total number of customers will exceed one million next spring. Two-week tours from Moscow to Vladivostok, Beijing and Ulan Bator are the most popular with international customers.

These tours have attracted the attention of people from more than 20 countries. Travellers sometimes even book tours two years in advance, which is proof of high demand, the press service noted.

Representatives of the company also said that budget trips along the historic trading routes stretching from Manchuria through Buryatia and the Irkutsk region to the European part of Russia are very popular among Chinese tourists.