Divers Discover Russia’s Deepest Underwater Cave

PHOTO by 220BAR diving club / Vkontakte

A team from the 220BAR diving club in Perm reached the bottom of Russia’s deepest underwater cave, according to a post made yesterday on the club’s page on Russian social network VKontakte.

The 88-metre-deep cave is located in Goluboye Lake in the Chusovsky district in the eastern part of the Perm region. Before the discovery of this one, a cave found in the Bolshaya Hosta River in the Krasnodar region was considered Russia’s deepest at 82.5 metres.

The underwater exploration of Goluboye Lake has been underway since 1979 and many attempts have been made to dive to the bottom of the cave located there.

Kyok-Tash, Russia’s deepest cave, is located in the Altai Republic, reaching a depth of 350 metres. In May 2016, Sergei Shoigu, chairman of the Russian Geographical Society and Russia’s Minister of Defence, announced a large-scale study of this underground formation.