Five Thousand Candidates Apply for ‘Dream Job’ in Russia

PHOTO by mihtiander / Depositphotos

Travel company OneTwoTrip is looking for a travel director that will travel all over while receiving 400,000 roubles ($6,735) per month.

More than 5,000 people have already applied for the vacancy, according to the company's press service.

Travel bloggers, radio and television hosts, adventure seekers and outdoor enthusiasts are among the candidates. "Our whole office staff is looking at photos and videos,” said a manager for OneTwoTrip. “People send us selfies and absolutely crazy, extreme and creative videos and photos. For example, I remember a guy who had insects for lunch, a snowboarder in full winter gear on a beach and an ‘acrobat’ on the edge of a cliff.”

The travel company posted the vacancy for the “dream job,” as social network users are calling it, on Dec. 29, 2016.

The duties of the new employee will include traveling, testing out new routes and sharing trip tips.

Dream job in russia

"An average person often experiences stress while planning a trip to a foreign country,” said Marina Malashenko, head of OneTwoTrip’s human resources department. “Recreation and travel can be serious work, so we need an expert who will show us how to do it efficiently and in style. Therefore, we are looking for an ambitious and talented candidate who will regularly go on trips to different parts of the world on our assignments. The employee will make detailed plans for people going on vacation there and share life hacks.”

Candidates should have great communicative skills, be social media-savvy and have a valid international passport, as well as a good understanding of English. The travel director will travel on OneTwoTrip assignments and organise routes, flash mobs and contests.

Dream job in russia1

The job includes a salary of 150,000 thousand roubles ($2,525) per month and another 250,000 ($4,209) for trips, as well as 30 days of annual paid leave.

To apply for the job, applicants need not only a high-quality resume but also an introduction of oneself with a photo or a video up to 15 seconds long. The text of the introduction should include the vacancy's webpage and the hashtags #chiefvacationofficer and #onetwotrip.