Elbrus Cableway Finds Its Way into Book of Russian Records

PHOTO by resort-elbrus.ru

The third stage of the Elbrus cableway, connecting Mir and Gara-Bashi Stations, has been officially recognised as the highest cableway in Russia.

The top station of the Elbrus cableway sits at the record-breaking altitude of 3,847 metres, where visitors can go for high-altitude alpine skiing.

“We are sincerely proud of this record. It’s the result of considerable effort expended by our staff, especially given the high-altitude environment,” said Oleg Gorchev, the General Director of Resorts of the North Caucasus. “Construction machinery had to cling to the steep slopes of Elbrus. Experienced climber engineers were tasked with installing pylon hardware.

“The technologically challenging and painstaking construction and installation were completed on a tight schedule – in less than a year. I’m confident that following admission to the Book of Russian Records our aerial lift will find its way to other top lists. After all, our slogan was ‘They don’t build it higher in Europe’!” he added.

Over one billion rubles ($15.5 million) was invested by the Resorts of the North Caucasus in the construction of the third stage of the Elbrus cableway, as well as improvement of the alpine skiing area. The company is currently working on blueprints for the all-season resort complex to be built on Elbrus.