Electric Valenki Appear in Moscow's Sokolniki Park

PHOTO by Evgeny Biyatov / RIA Novosti

Moscow’s Sokolniki Park is now home to sets of heat-generating valenki, the traditional Russian winter footwear, to warm up cold feet after a winter walk. Anyone can use them free of charge for their intended purpose, ParkSeason reported.

The heat-generating valenki are made of thick plastic and covered with layers of epoxy resin and glass fibre. There is a special system inside the boots that helps remove snow off shoes and tenderly warm up feet.

The shoes are in the park’s Alley of Arches and they are free to use at any time, without even having to take one’s own shoes off.

The warming boots will remain in the park until the end of March. If visitors express a high level of interest in them, the park will increase the number available for use.