Europe’s Tallest Ferris Wheel to Open at Moscow's VDNKh

PHOTO by leungchopan / Depositphotos

Europe’s tallest Ferris wheel will open in 2018 at VDNKh, according to the press service of VDNKh Wheel, LLC. The wheel will be 140 metres tall and it will have 30 capsule cabins, including three business class cabins. Each cabin will be able to hold 20 people.

The project also includes a covered promenade, a network of theme restaurants and shops, a cinema and a museum of wax figures.

The Ferris wheel will work year-round and one ride will last 25 minutes.

Before boarding the attraction, all visitors will be able to see a 4D film about the history of the Ferris wheel, as well as have access to an audio guide that will tell stories about the sights of Moscow.

“In the coming years, the wheel will be included in the top five most visited entertainment sites of the capital, which will increase both the inbound and internal tourist flow in Moscow by more than 1.5 million people a year,” said Amiran Mutsoev, a member of the board of directors for the REGIONS Group.