High-Paying ‘Extreme Tourist’ Job Available in Russia

PHOTO by vetal1983 / Depositphotos

The Russian financial service Sravni.ru is currently looking for an insured event tester for its experimental analytics department, a company spokesperson told Lenta.ru earlier today.

The tester will work for only three months but will earn from 150 to 250 thousand roubles per month ($2,500-4,200). The position requires engaging in extreme activities on unguided travels, such as parachuting, racing cars and motorcycles, swimming with sharks and other dangerous adventures.

In the case of an insured event, the tester will have to work with the insurance company. This will allow for an analysis of the company’s service, including communication and client service quality, readiness to assist and willingness to understand the client’s situation.

“We need to understand how likely an insured event in conditions of extreme recreation is and how comfortable it is to work with a particular insurance company,” a Sravni.ru spokesman noted.

Those having experiences with extreme sports are preferred for this job. Candidates are expected to have automotive and motorcycle driver’s licenses, and speak English at an upper intermediate level or better. The company will pay for airfare, food and lodging, as well as the cost of extreme activities and the insurance package.